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Welcome to the world of human development! Whether you’re looking to improve your self-confidence, communication skills, or overall personal growth, we have a course for you. Our training courses are designed to help individuals reach their full potential and live a more fulfilling life.

With a focus on practical and hands-on learning, our courses will equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to make lasting positive changes in your life. Browse through our list of training courses below and discover how you can start your journey towards self-improvement today. Click the + icon to view more. 

Unlock your team's potential with transformative coaching: A 15-hour program for managers

Are you a manager looking to step up your leadership game? Research shows that most managers struggle with coaching, but our Bronze Plan is here to change that! Our "Coaching for Performance Level 1" module is the foundation of the Transformational Leader Pathway and provides 15 hours of tailored training for managers looking to improve their coaching skills.

Unleash the potential of your team and drive productivity with the following outcomes

  • Lead effective and adaptable teams
  • Engage and develop talent for maximum performance
  • Enhance decision-making across the organization
  • Set inspiring goals with accountability
  • Foster a constructive feedback and learning cycle
  • Initiate and drive change
  • Build high-performing cultures

Content and learning outcomes

  • Developing relationships with team members through conscious working agreements
  • Creating a supportive and challenging environment with trust-building exercises
  • Improving communication with active listening techniques
  • Empowering team members through effective questioning
  • Partnering with team members and encourage ownership through permission-granting practices
  • Achieving success with the structured GROW Model for goal setting and problem solving
  • Continuously improving performance through the GROW Feedback Framework
  • Aligning individual purpose with organizational targets through motivating goal-setting
  • Enhancing performance management with accountability and follow-up systems
  • Encouraging innovation and risk-taking by empowering employees to take responsibility for their own performance and growth.

For organizations

This program is designed for managers looking to become better leaders, with no entry requirements and a typical class size of 10-12 participants. We offer both in-person and online delivery options, in multiple languages, and can tailor the content to suit your organization's needs.

For individuals

Individuals can join for a one-time payment of €1850. Contact us today to learn more about bringing this training to your organization.

  • Feedback is a valuable skill that can improve relationships and communication in the workplace.
  • Our training focuses on teaching employees the value and purpose of feedback, how to receive feedback with an open mindset, and how to give constructive feedback.
  • The training covers several key topics such as the Johari window, which helps employees understand each other better, and the difference between fixed and growth mindset.
  • The goal of the training is to provide participants with tips, experience, and a foundation for open communication culture.
  • After the workshop, employees often feel more connected to each other and there is an increase in positive energy.

Content and learning outcomes

  • Understanding the value and purpose of feedback
  • Receiving feedback with an open mindset
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Understanding the Johari window and reducing misunderstandings and conflict
  • Developing a growth mindset and improving abilities
  • Building a foundation for an open communication culture
  • Creating a safe working environment
  • Receiving tips on do's and don'ts of feedback

For organizations

  • The training is half day with a maximum of 10 persons per session.
  • The cost is €975

Amidst the current climate of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to lead yourself and others in a positive way.

Our personal leadership programs are designed to help you:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership style, traits, and values.
  • Discover mindful leadership and build your resilience and adaptability.
  • Deep dive into team dynamics and build high-performing teams.
  • Maximize your potential to make a profound and sustainable impact on your team and organization.

Content and learning outcomes

  • Recognize your leadership patterns and develop a strategy to address them.
  • Develop your own leadership style and learn how to effectively dialogue with others.
  • Revitalize your vision and goals and build on your strengths.
  • Achieve high levels of leadership performance by learning how to change and move at a faster pace.
  • Develop a personal leadership journey that inspires you and keeps you resilient in your career.


  • Virtual/online delivery
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • 3 days
  • Price: € 2750

Why emotional intelligence training is essential

  • Essential for having a positive impact on team and organization
  • Helps build adaptable and responsive teams
  • Needed for organizations to stay ahead of the competition
  • Important for leaders to empathize with and care for employees
  • Investment in skills such as collaboration, decision-making, conflict management, and inspiration needed for effective teamwork

Organizations with high emotional intelligence are better equipped

  • Understanding and empathy for others
  • Strong sense of self-awareness
  • Empathy for others' emotions
  • Effective emotional management
  • Resilience in dealing with uncertainty

Benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace

  • Improved trust among team members
  • Effective communication under pressure
  • Taking initiative and not afraid to take risks
  • Respect for diversity and inclusion
  • Curiosity in innovation and a learning culture

Challenges that come from low emotional intelligence in an organization

  • Low employee engagement
  • Teams not hitting targets
  • Difficulty collaborating during change
  • Reduced cognitive abilities, decision-making and interpersonal skills

Content and learning outcomes

  • The basics of emotional intelligence
  • Understanding the science behind managing emotions
  • Techniques to manage emotions under pressure
  • Connecting with emotions that drive others' behavior
  • Personal leadership goal setting
  • EIQ 360 Assessment (optional)

In 2 days, individuals will learn how to:

  • Develop their emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the power of emotions
  • Use techniques to manage emotions
  • Connect with others emotionally
  • Reach their personal leadership goals

We translate the latest scientific understanding of emotions to help people manage their feelings and be their best selves both at work and in life.


  • Virtual/online delivery
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • 2 days
  • Price: € 1650
  • Optional: EIQ assessment

  • This course is designed to give you the confidence and skills to develop a high level of self-esteem.
  • The course will help you feel more confident in yourself, leading to improved productivity and happiness.
  • The focus is on increasing self-confidence, which allows you to take charge of your life and achieve goals you may not have thought possible before.
  • The positive attitude has a ripple effect on other areas of your life such as self-view, esteem, and career prospects.
  • The course will help you develop a deeper sense of self-confidence, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • The course is supported seven days a week, giving you the confidence and control you need to achieve your goals.
  • The instructor will show you how to develop long-term strategies for building self-confidence, as well as emergency tactics for when the situation calls for it.

Content and learning outcomes:

  • This self-confidence course will give you the tools and skills needed to build a high level of self-esteem
  • Learn how to feel more confident in yourself, leading to improved productivity and happiness
  • Discover why having self-confidence is crucial for success and achieving your goals
  • With a positive attitude and self-esteem, you'll have the courage to take risks and explore new possibilities
  • Develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and understand your strengths and weaknesses to use to your advantage
  • 7-day support from a self-confidence coach to help you achieve your goals and develop long-term strategies

Content and learning outcomes

  • Benefits of being super self-confident
  • Understanding how fear affects our confidence and self-worth
  • Adopting techniques for emergency self-confidence
  • Confidence in negotiations
  • Projecting self-confidence in the dating/mating game
  • Being more confident when socializing
  • Effective communication, even if you're not a great speaker
  • Understanding your own levels of self-confidence through fun activities
  • Why self-confidence is important
  • The character method of self-knowledge to explore your personality


  • Virtual/online delivery
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • 3 days
  • Price: € 2450

  • PCM is flexible enough to fit into any situation, designed to help you connect with others at your best potential.
  • In PCM 1, learn the logic behind human behavior and how to apply the communication model effectively.
  • Achieve greater self-awareness and social intelligence through increased self-knowledge

Content and learning outcomes

  • Self-understanding: gain insight into your personality strengths and preferences through the PCM profile
  • Social intelligence: understand and decode the behavior and motivations of others
  • Boost productivity by understanding motivations
  • Make better decisions and act more wisely with greater self-awareness
  • Avoid miscommunication and reroute unproductive behaviors
  • Build stronger relationships based on meaningful connections

Skills and benefits

  • Adapt all communication effectively
  • Recognize the onset of miscommunication
  • Boost productivity through an understanding of motivations
  • Build stronger relationships based on meaningful connections


  • Virtual/online delivery
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • 6 half-days

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