Executive Coaching - For Organizations

Don’t let your talent slip away

Have you ever invested in developing your employees’ and team members’ leadership skills, only to see them fall short of improvement? This can be a major disappointment and a loss to your company’s performance, as you risk losing your valuable talent.

That’s where leadership coaching comes in. It is a highly effective approach to help individuals and teams grow as leaders and reach their full potential. Coaches bring new perspectives and challenge their clients to embrace change, leading to enhanced leadership skills and improved performance.

Leadership coaching can have a profound impact on your organization’s leadership culture. At Talents4you, we offer a comprehensive suite of leadership coaching services to support organizations in building a culture of continuous improvement.

We strongly believe in the importance of self-awareness and authenticity in leadership development. Our coaching programs help leaders to understand themselves better, build their self-confidence, and become the best version of themselves. We also support teams to work effectively and achieve better results. Click the + icon below to view more. 

Coaching for individuals within the organization

  • We live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world and it can be challenging to lead. Leaders need to make strategic decisions while they may not have the full picture, they are responsible for guiding their organization through important transitions and achieving better results.
  • Executive coaching is one of the fastest ways to help leaders grow and contribute to business success.
  • Our coaching programs are designed with busy executives in mind, so we can work around their schedules.
  • We offer an innovative, personalized executive coaching solution that takes into account your leaders' technical expertise, skillset, personality, and language.
  • Our on-demand solutions save money, save time, and increase performance
  • The coaching process is collaborative, with the coach holding the leader accountable for meeting agreed-upon goals.
  • The key to successful business coaching is to direct coaching toward a shared business goal.

Challenges that Executive Coaching can address

  • Improving your leader's emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Developing your leaders' resilience
  • Developing your leaders' strategic thinking skills
  • Managing and optimizing your time
  • Having an impactful communication

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Confidential space to test new ideas, free from distraction and stress
  • Managing or regaining energy and focus
  • Finding a sense of clarity and purpose
  • Navigating tough decisions
  • Our leadership coaching packages allow busy leaders access to world-class executive coaching at any time, even outside of standard business hours.
  • Assessment to better understand and provide feedback
  • All of our high-impact leadership development coaching services can be delivered virtually, via phone, videoconferencing, or a Web platform — allowing for unparalleled flexibility to meet your needs.

Expected outcomes

  • Quickly achieve greater impact in a new leadership role
  • Enhance communication and build better relationships through strengthened interpersonal skills
  • Gain fresh perspectives as a leader, leading to improved decision-making
  • Improve overall efficiency and well-being through time management and optimized performance
  • Enhance critical thinking skills and make data-driven decisions
  • Speed up the learning process and stay ahead of the curve
  • Drive better team performance and boost morale
  • Foster lasting organizational change for a more sustainable future

  • One-on-one coaching to identify, prepare for, and obtain new job
  • Often provided by organizations as part of redundancy package
  • Outplacement services to determine professional objective and develop job search strategy

Expected benefits

  • Armed and prepared for new professional step
  • Efficiently implement new project and research
  • Develop and deepen self-knowledge
  • Identify challenges of profession and sector

Methodological principles

  • Proven methodology using best tools and support techniques
  • Specialist support by consultant with knowledge of client's business
  • Learning cycle reinforcing mastery of essential components of new professional project

Details of services

  • Personalized support
  • Understanding reasons for leaving and effective communication
  • Professional assessment, building a project, marketing plan, and prospecting tools
  • Mastering communication and effective job search
  • Coaching on personality, image, and areas for development
  • Validate changes and ensure sustainability.

Coaching for teams within the organization

  • Teams are becoming increasingly important in addressing complex business challenges.
  • Team coaching is a process where one or two coaches help guide and develop the skills of team members.
  • The purpose of team coaching is to improve team performance.
  • The coach needs to understand the team's current dynamics to assess performance.
  • Team coaching is effective during difficult transitions and allows for individualized support.
  • Long-term coaching is preferred to short-term fixes to avoid disruption of team dynamics.
  • Having an external coach provides neutrality and focuses on team collaboration.

Do you struggle with...

  • Team lack of performance or project issues?
  • Management difficulties?
  • Conflict management?
  • Lack of team initiatives and autonomy?
  • Leading and motivating your team?
  • Improving your team leadership performance?
  • Sustaining organizational change?

Our customized solution

  • Team diagnostic questionnaire or online assessment to understand key challenges and dynamics.
  • Customized team coaching program tailored to your needs, either online or face-to-face.


  • Anticipate and manage relationship conflicts.
  • Regain team motivation and engagement.
  • Improve team autonomy and performance.
  • Improve team creativity.
  • Improve diversity and inclusion.
  • Increased self-awareness for better understanding of personalities and behaviors.
  • Establishment of principles or guidelines to achieve organizational vision and strategy.
  • Greater direction, alignment, and commitment leading to greater team effectiveness.
  • Great fit and productive team coaching relationship, considering your needs and team member skillsets, personalities, and language.

  • Coaching circles are small group meetings facilitated by a coaching expert, where peers can coach each other in a trusted environment
  • Typically consist of 6-8 participants and are scheduled for 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • The first session allows for introductions, with subsequent sessions focused on addressing the participants' current concerns
  • The facilitator implements a strict methodology and principles of respect and kindness to create a safe and inclusive space for all participants
  • Participants act as consultants and clients during each session
  • Group therapy can lead to increased self-esteem, confidence, and empathy, as well as foster collaborative networks
  • Participants are encouraged to implement ideas discussed in the session and report back with progress
  • The session cycle includes 3 roles: facilitator, participant-consultants, and participant-clients
  • The session is guided through various phases: Presentation, Clarification, Contract, Exploration, Feedback & Action Plan, and Conclusion


  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhances active listening skills
  • Increases empathy and receptivity to others' ideas
  • Forces participants to welcome new suggestions before making decisions
  • Develops relationships among participants and creates a more powerful and collaborative network
  • Impetus for participants to take action and report back with implemented ideas


  • Three roles interact during the session cycle: facilitator, participants, and clients.
  • Facilitator moderates the session, ensures rules compliance and flow, and intervenes only if the conversation becomes stuck.
  • Participants act as consultants during the session, serving as their peer's client and starting each session with an agenda for that day.
  • All participants are clients of a single session on any given day.
  • Session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • The facilitator guides the group through five phases: 1) The Presentation, 2) The Clarification, 3)The Contract, 4) The Exploration, 5) The Feedback & Action Plan
    • The Conclusion

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