Sikkhona® Team Assessment

As a coach or manager, understanding the dynamics of your team is crucial for its success. A team that functions well is one that is cohesive, with high levels of trust and effective communication. This is where the Sikkhona Team Assessment can be a powerful tool.

Using the Sikkhona assessment, you can gain insights into the relational health of your team, identifying its strengths and areas for improvement. The assessment is designed to diagnose the degree of trust and cohesion within your team, providing detailed feedback on effective behaviours that contribute to its success.

The Sikkhona Team Assessment is completed by each team member, who provides their individual perception of the team. This data is then analyzed and compiled into a report that highlights key areas of strength and weakness, as well as potential opportunities for growth and development

Whether you are managing a small professional team or a large sales team, the Sikkhona assessment can provide valuable insights into the dynamics of your team. It has been implemented in more than 400 organizations across the globe, and has been used to great effect by management teams, partners, and sales teams alike.

In short, the Sikkhona Team Assessment is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve the relational health and performance of their team. By identifying areas for improvement and building on strengths, you can create a team that is cohesive, motivated, and successful.