Executive Coaching - For Individuals

Are you feeling stuck in your current career and ready for a change?

Let me help you transition into a new role or take your current job to the next level.

I understand the challenges of career changes, as I’ve been there myself. I used to be a lawyer but decided to pivot to a career that allows me to connect with people. I learned that the key to success is understanding your core values and communicating your wants and needs effectively. My core values include health, respect, creativity, and growth.

As your career coach, I’ll help you tap into your unique strengths and overcome any personal obstacles that may be holding you back. Together, we’ll work on three things: aligning your values with your work, discovering your innate skills and talents, and exploring ways to develop them further.

By uncovering your passions and understanding what drives you, you’ll be ready to take advantage of opportunities and make informed career decisions that align with your values, skillset, and lifestyle. Let’s start your journey to career fulfillment today!

Your challenges

  • “I feel stuck or without direction”
  • “My work drains me”
  • “I have been promoted to Manager and need new skills”
  • “I need to have more self-confidence and learn to set boundaries”
  • “I need to improve my communication skills”
  • “I need to switch careers, but don’t know where to start (and cannot discuss this at work)”
  • “I need help setting up my own business”
  • “My manager is a micromanager and/or is not a good listener”
  • “My position was made redundant and in need of a new start”

What we'll be working on

  • Exploring what drives you in life
  • Clarifying career objectives and personal goals
  • Identifying the first steps to switch jobs
  • Drawing up an action plan to start your own business
  • Learning to communicate better
  • Developing personal leadership skills

What you will gain

  • Uncovering your core values and mission to create a stronger sense of self
  • Better decision-making skills
  • More self-confidence
  • Skills for setting boundaries and for managing stress management

Our program

  • 10 sessions of 1 hour each
  • Ongoing work on your mental wellbeing with the positive intelligence app

Ready to move forward in your career?