Process Communication Assessment

The Process Communication Model® is a validated tool to decode human interactions, helping you to make the most of every conversation, situation and day.

PCM is the brainchild of American clinical psychologist Taibi Kahler, PhD. As a researcher of transactional analysis, he uncovered patterns of distress behavior that all humans possess and identified conditions that individuals need to thrive. Along the way, Dr. Kahler also identified six Personality Types that we all have within us and can connect to. Understanding these types lets us predict our own and others’ behaviors, prevent disengagement or distrust, and boost changes for the better.

PCM launched in the late 1970s, when Dr. Kahler applied striking insights from his personality research to help NASA. He had been asked by the space agency’s lead psychiatrist to assist in selecting the best astronauts for missions – and the selection proved successful. 


In 1982, Dr. Kahler validated the Personality Pattern Inventory and created the Process Communication Model®. Ever since, he has stayed true to his vision: do not box people in, but recognize, celebrate, and leverage their differences.

PCM differentiates among six Personality Types, which we all have within us: Promoter, Rebel, Harmonizer, Thinker, Imaginer, Perseverant. Each type has its own strengths and preferences.