Talents 4 You help companies to find the right Talents internationally, and to Retain them through Training and Coaching. We propose our services in different langages and for companies in different sectors.

International Recruitement


Talents4You knows how strategical it is for a company to find and retain the right Talents. Nowadays, with the globalisation and new technologies, candidates are more mobile and more demanding when chosing their future employer. It is becoming more an more difficult to find the right Talents, and despite the high unemployment rate, thousands of jobs are not filled every year in Europe. Talents-4You helps you to struggle against this Talent shortage by finding the candidates wherever they are, in Europe or other countries.

Moreover, we are not anymore in the Taylorism time when employers were chosing their candidates. Today candidates are the one chosing their employers. It is the Human Age.

That´s why it is crucial for companies to attract the best candidates and retain them, especiall¡y when  the environment is complexe. Our knowledge of your markets, combined with our capacity to understand your company organisation, culture and job description, allows us to find the best match between your needs and the candidates´skills and motivations.

Our expertise is based on Middle Management and C level Management for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Sector

Our expertise

“Based on Middle Management and C Level Management for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Sector.”

  • Direct Contact
  • Job ads in the identified countries
  • Sourcing
  • Our Database
  • International Job Fairs
  • Partnerships with recruitment organizations worldwide

Your needs, our solutions

Recruit Experts

Struggle against Talent Shortage

Identify quickly candidates looking for an opportunity

Look for talents and respect confidentiality

Promote your company

Ensure your growth by having the best talents

Target Companies which have those talents

Write down and publish jobs ads

Identify profiles which match with the job description

Thorough phone prescreening

Selection of the best professionals

Thorough interview based on Soft Skills for the Job

Candidates’ interview report

Advice to take your decision about the candidate

Thorough assistance in order to enable successful mobility endeavours : logistics, administration

Advices, Information and Training for candidates and companies

Integration follow-up in the country



“We offer outplacement solutions to Companies, through a unique process of career planning, personal development and creation of opportunities. Outplacement is an efficient social responsability mechanism and company brand management for the internal public and community. It is a practical tool and of high impact.

Talents-4You knows that laying off with responsability is as important as recruiting good professionals. We work with several companies to establish and conduct responsible laying off politics.”


  • Career planning and transition strategies
  • Market orientation
  • Transition coaching and post relocation

Your needs, our solutions

Follow up with your employees in the professional repositioning Guide your employees with career transition

Identify the acquired soft & hard skills

Advices for chosing their professional evolution & validation of the professional projet

Advices on job search strategy

Preparation to look for a job & to be ready for an interview

Follow up during integration phase


  • Planning :

1 session/week for about 6 months
One-to-one in Paris or by Skype for other places

  • Techniques :

Recrutiment Consulting & Advices
Follow-up & empowerment through coaching to find a new job

Coaching & Training


Nowadays, people are the key to companies, they can make a real difference for your growth and maintenance. The market is also constantly changing, that’s why it is important to be able to adapt in order to be successful.

Talents 4 You offers you Coaching and Consulting solutions in order to help you with this adaptation need & improvement of human capital. We help women and men against dysfunctions and manage internal evolutions.

Coaching is a powerful tool to improve the current functioning of the Company, by preparing the human challenges of tomorrow. It is a fast solution which has been proved since years. Talents-4-You uses the Co-Active Model which is the largest in-person coach training organization in the world.

For who ? Every worker of a company : manager, director, employee who needs coaching.


Planning ?

6 to 10 coaching sessions (1hour) every week or two weeks.
One-to-one coaching session in Paris or by Skype for other places
Group coaching in your office.

Fees  ?

Contact us for more informations. Inquire here. (lien qui redirige vers le contact client)

Techniques :

  • Co-Active Coaching Model of Balance/ Fulfillment and Process : proven approach based on many years of experience working with clients and coaches worldwide
  • Principles about Values and Vision
  • Positive thinking
  • Main principles about SMART goals settting
  • Professional Assessment wheel
  • Job performance wheel

Steps & coaching rules

Steps :

  • Identify the  improvement and difficulties assets
  • Clarify the situation and identify new behaviours or ways of working
  • Establish an action plan and put it in practice

Coaching rules :

  • Confidentiality, Trust and Respect: coaching is an equal relationship between the Coach and the Client, based on Confidentiality, Trust and Respect between both parties
  • Safe and Courageous space to make the Client Confortable and help him reaching his goals
  • No judgement or Fixed Agenda : an agreed goal will be settled before each session
  • People are Natually Creative, Ressourceful and Whole : it means that you as a Coachee have the answers, the solutions to your problems. The coach´s job is to ask you the right questions to come up to your own conclusions

Performance coaching


  1. Team or project working issues or lack of performance : to develop or reinforce efficiency and skills
  2. Management difficulties : acquire and experiment management fundamentals
  3. A worker or team lack of performance
  4. To master Management techniques of interviewing (assessment, motivation, feedback…)
  5. Lead and motivate a team :
  • Optimize your performance to reach your objectives
  • Develop your relationship skills
  • Improve your managerial skills
  • Reinforce your leadership
  • Anticipate and manage relationship conflicts
  • Manage and optimize your time
  • Develop your serenity and efficiency
  • Liberate your potentials
  • Regain motivation and engagement

  1. Diagnostic and definition of objectives
  2. Building a development plan, personalized development
  3. Establish the plan, analysis and follow-up of the project
  4. Final synthesis between the Employee/ Company/ Consultant
  5. Analysis of the efficiency

Training/Team building

  1. Individual and Team actions
  2. Customized training programmes
  3. Structured pedagogical containt
  4. Pedagogy by action
  5. Synthesis and personalised evolution plan

Transition coaching

Talents-4You offers transition Coaching for Companies willing to help workers facing a changement process. It aims to assess contracted or promoted workers to adapat in their new challenges. Indeed, we know that the first months in a new project are key for the company since they can have an important impact in the whole organization if they are not managed properly. Process during Transition Coaching aims to develop skills to deal with the new project, by helping the employee in his/her difficulties, stress and managing better the different situations to which he/she could be confronted.

  1. Career evolution : to accompany the development specific individual: seniors, high potentials
  2. Preparation to the worker departure from the company : faciliate the professional repositioning
  3. Promotion : new responsibilities and integration into a new team
  4. Arrival of a new employee : integration in the company
  5. Difficulties to adapat to the company evolution and changes
Step 1 : First meeting

  1. Meeting to validate the need for Transition Coaching
  2. Identify the transition time the Employee is facing and requirements related to its behavioural development
  3. Analysis of the employee availability and its level of engagement
  4. Discussion and reflexion about the project

Step 2 : From 2 to 5 meetings

  1. Weekly or fortnightly meetings, according to the professional’s needs, during the first four months of his/her transition.
  2. Meetings focused on the preparation of strategies to face difficult situations, aiming at the adaption of the professional during the transition process.

Step 3 : 1 meeting

  1. Reviewing the professional adaptation 3 months after finishing the coaching process

Cultural adaptation coaching

Talents 4 You is aware that an expatriation is always a challenge from both a professional and personal perspective. Indeed,  differences within the workplace and the personal environment can be difficult and challenging,especially at the beginning.

Statistics show that failed expatriation are mainly related to a lack of adaptation, either from the expatriate or his/her family. However, failed international assignements can have severe consequences for an organisation and result in a significant loss of money of between $100,000 and $300,000. These failures can also have sevee consequences on the company brand image and limit the future business perspectives. Finally, it can also cause several disatrous issues for the expatriates such as depression, loss of confidence that can affect their performance even after they return.

The main problems encountered by expatriates are the working habits as they can be very different from one country to another. People can deal in different ways with :

  • Decision making processes
  • Hierarchy
  • Risk
  • Time

These differences can affect expatriate’s performance. Cross cultural training and coaching can help Expatriates to better understand the impact of these difference and help them to adapt more easily. Our trainings provide key information about how to do business in the country and how to socialize.