International recruitment

Talents4You knows how strategic it is for a company to find and retain the right talent. Nowadays, with globalization and new technologies, candidates are more mobile and more demanding when choosing their future employer. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right talent.

Our knowledge of your markets, combined with our capacity to understand your company organization, culture and job description, allows us to find the best match for your needs and the candidates’ skills and motivation.

Talents4You solves the talent shortage by finding candidates wherever they are, either in Europe or the international market.

  • Your needs

    • Recruit Experts
    • Find solutions to talent shortage
    • Quickly identify candidates looking for an opportunity
    • Look for talents and respect confidentiality
    • Promote your company
    • Ensure your growth by attracting the best talents
  • Our solutions

    • Target companies which have those talents
    • Publish jobs ads
    • Identify profiles which match the job description
    • Thorough phone prescreening
    • Selection of the best professionals
    • Thorough interview based on soft skills
    • Candidates’ interview report
    • Recommendation to take a decision about the candidate
    • Thorough assistance in order to enable successful mobility endeavors: logistics, administration
    • Advices and training for candidates and companies
    • Integration & follow-up in the country