Coaching & Training

Nowadays, people are key to companies, they make a real difference to your growth and success. The market is also constantly changing. That’s why it is important to be able to adapt in order to be successful.

Talents4You offers you coaching and training solutions in order to help you to improve the current functioning of your company, by being prepared for the human challenges of tomorrow. We help women and men to effectively resolve communication breakdowns and enable internal growth.

Coaching is a fast solution which has been proven for many years.

Our offers

  • Performance coaching

    Your needs :

    1- Team lack of performance or project working issues: to develop or reinforce efficiency and skills

    2- Management difficulties: acquire and experiment with management fundamentals

    3- Master interviewing techniques of assessment, motivation and feedback

    4-Lead and motivate a team:

    • Optimize your performance to reach your objectives
    • Develop your relationship skills
    • Improve your managerial skills
    • Reinforce your leadership
    • Anticipate and manage relationship conflicts
    • Manage and optimize your time
    • Develop your serenity and efficiency
    • Liberate your potential
    • Regain motivation and engagement
  • Transition & Onboarding coaching

    Talents4You offers Transition Coaching for Companies willing to help their employees facing an organizational change. The process of transition coaching aims to develop skills to deal with the new project; by helping the employee to deal with his/her difficulties or stress, and better manage the different situations which he/she may encounter.

    Your needs: 

    1. Career evolution: to accompany the development of specific individual: seniors, high potentials
    2. Preparation of the worker for departure from the company: facilitate professional repositioning
    3. Promotion: new responsibilities and integration into a new team
    4. Arrival of a new employee: integration into the company
    5. Difficulties to adapt to the company organizational change
  • Cultural adaptation coaching & training

    Talents4You is aware that moving overseas is always a challenge from both a professional and personal perspective. Indeed, cultural differences can affect the expatriate’s performance.

    Statistics show that failed attempts to relocate internationally are mainly related to a lack of adaptation, either from the expatriate or his/her family. However, failed international assignments can have severe consequences for an organization and result in significant financial losses in the range of $100,000 to $300,000.

    Your needs:

    • Prepare expats and their family before moving to the country
    • Train expats to better understand the impact of cultural differences and help them to adapt more easily
    • Provide key information to expats about how to do business in the country they are going to, and how to socialize